McDonalds Golden Arches Billions and Billions Sold

1965 McDonalds prices We got burgers from the other place where burgers cost less. Drinks at home, and fries shared around.

McDonald's 1965 Capital Beltway Map i remember those days it was a treat now we don't eat there anymore

McDONALD'S 1965 Capital Beltway Map GOLDEN ARCHES All American Meal

Vintage Ad, 1974

Vintage Ad, 1974 - I loved this stuff. Much better than Nestles. When I found out they were going to quit making it I went out and bought all I could find.

1967 Kentucky Fried Chicken Ad "He fixes Sunday dinner seven days a week"

KFC, Sunday Dinner Seven Days a Week - A slogan used by Kentucky Fried Chicken for many years, "Sunday Dinner Seven Days a Week" helped define the brand as a little bit more than everyday fast food.

This ad is considered racist because in the early 20th century, depictions of African-Americans in advertising were almost exclusively as house servants. Description from I searched for this on

1992 ad for Dark & Lovely hair color: ad for TCB, featuring Billy Dee Williams: 1975 ad for Royal Shield: 1967 ad for Ultra Sheen: 1963 ad for Duke pomade for men: 1958 ad for Royal Crown hair dressing:.

Filet O Fish (McDonald's Copycat Recipe)

Filet-O-Fish copycat recipe! Make your own fried fish filet and tartar sauce like McDonald's and serve on a bun with American cheese

Scary Clown Mascot wishes you a joyous birth celebration.

McDonald's Birthday Club 1975 what happened to Mc Donalds being about the kids.