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eu quero dançar a música da vida...quero dançar sem o sapato estragar, descalço-me e danço mesmo assim...não posso parar, nem para chorar...

I hate myself so I understand why I can't get a boyfriend or even a real friend. I've learned to trust no one about my problems because they don't care, they're just curious 

Vem comigo. No caminho te explico.

Sometimes people won't understand how you feel until it happens to them, until they experience the pain.

*Breaths in, sighs happily* the beautiful, pure white snow....

I used to have a big problem with trying to tell myself people SHOULD love me and they SHOULD say sorry and they SHOULD be there for me. Psh, no one will do anything they don't want to do, people who want to know you will make time for you and if they don't you stop making time to think about them. :)

"Glory of Spring" by believer9 © , via Flickr "I think it's called a weeping cherry tree. It is my favorite tree of spring. But it doesn't look sad at all to me. It looks glorious."