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【武器设定】武器设计参考图鉴 武器概念设定高清大图1100张(最大分辨率10000*10630) | CCIUP

【武器设定】武器设计参考图鉴 武器概念设定高清大图1100张(最大分辨率10000*10630) | CCIUP

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RIFT Concept Art, models and backgrounds. They can provide exciting teasers to future content and glimpses of what could have been, especially when viewing the initial iterations of creatures such …

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The Weapons of John Carter of Mars - artwork by Seth Engstrom

The Crimson Energy dagger is an energy melee weapon employed by the Sangheili, particularly the Legionary classes, during the Sangheili? Description from I searched for this on

Manashard Weapon Set by *JNetRocks on deviantART (I need a little fantasy gear every now and again.

My first entry idea for the new challenge over at Polycount. These concepts are for a 3-sided Mace with a Core theme and an Axe with a Maker theme.

Darksiders II ‘Create A Weapon’ Contest – Concept

Kovar is legendary for his powerful weapons, endless in variety and potential. Of course, he's banned from making the perfect weapon; there must always be a flaw, a weakness.

Concept art of Axes from Darksiders 2 by Rayph Beisner

Darksiders II is an action role-playing hack and slash video game developed by Vigil Games and published by THQ. It is the sequel to Darksiders.