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    I'm at my mom school and I'm bored plz comment so we can toK I'm so bored there r other kids but they ûm r weird so plz comment

    Niall -

    I. LOVE. THESE. Love Niall's!

    NIall just tweeted this picture. Ni. Niall. u ok? (i think he might be drunk.)

    Zayn Niall

    Niall Horan

    Spread this like wildfire! Get it to Niall :')

    One Direction ok ok everyone stop what you are doing and look at niall the rest of the guys look normal but he is all sorts of messed up

    New pics of Niall partying

    OTRA Jakarta

    Zayn and Niall

    Charlotte 9.27

    No STAHP!!!




    louis tomlinson

    One Direction

    If you listen closely you can here Niall fangirling in the distance..

    Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne

    One Direction