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I'm at my mom school and I'm bored plz comment so we can toK I'm so bored there r other kids but they ûm r weird so plz comment

I. LOVE. THESE. Love Niall's!

Zayn Niall

Louis' sisters wearing 1D onesis

Spread this like wildfire! Get it to Niall :')

#1D #2014

One Direction ok ok everyone stop what you are doing and look at niall the rest of the guys look normal but he is all sorts of messed up


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Zayn malik

New pics of Niall partying

Haha, this is awesome :)

One Direction

One Direction

Looks like someone i know... :)

Awww ♡<< Okay so quick side note, I was out at a show and I saw this little kid and I had to take a double take on him because he looked like fetus Niall from when he was a small child like I almost screamed. Couldn't get a picture of him but....


louis tomlinson

If you listen closely you can here Niall fangirling in the distance..

Directioner down! Directioner DOWN! Where's life alert when ya need it?!?!?