Makes me think of Dodger from Oliver and Company

Funny milk

Theres a guy at my school named milk



Pretty freaking sweet, am I right, ladies?

Pretty freaking sweet, am I right, ladies?

I'm learning to drive I'm gonna say this to my mom and see what she says

No but in drivers training the instructor asked us if we had any driving experience at all and I said I play a lot of Mario cart!

All of my PE teachers one year drank a bottle of coke every single day. While lecturing us on health

Not qualified teacher.

Mind blown

Always has bothered as well tumbler people

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New Dad Joke

Oh goody.a funny dad-!

Make him sufffeeeerrrrrr

When boys spread rumors about you, use it against them.

math hurts my head too

math hurts my head too

Pretty much

Pretty much

"No Kelly that's illegal"

"No Kelly that's illegal"

Guess who has a friend named kelly and she also shouts nyoom

tricking the mind, you see

22 Times Tumblr Told The Truth About Procrastination

This is the truest feeling in the world.

They aren't meant to exit the meat!

Skeletons aren't scary, they are big lovable goofballs who love spaghetti and say NYEHEHEHEHEHEH

Story Idea, person who gets haunted by personal trainer

ghost personal trainer and nutritionist