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Graffiti, Street artist Faunagraphic, Nature murals and environmentally friendly artwork, Graffiti art, Design and Illustration.

Prédios, tubulações antigas e objetos abandonados viram suporte para os desenhos de Ernest Zacharevic

Artista lituano cria intervenções que interagem com as cidades

Ernest Zacharevic is a well-known street artist. In his latest work, Zacharevic takes his skills to a new level by making a beautiful connection between art and the real world.



by ROA - Rome, 11/14 (LP)

ROA Completes Giant Rat Mural in Rome

New wall from ROA - "Daniza" (a wild bear that was killed while attempting to be captured) - “Spray for your Rights” campaign - Rome, Italy - Nov 2014

Street Art - This hummingbird is amazing. The only true part is the head and beak all the rest is just suggested and yet you see a beautiful hummingbird. Wow!

Figures of Birds Emerge from a Kinetic Flurry of Spray Paint by Brazilian artist (previously) depicts owls, ducks, sparrows, and other birds materializing from a chaotic swirl of dripped paint.