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Don't mess with Levy's books demon bitch!

Do NOT disrespect Levy's stories. She brings fear to even the mighty Gajeel <--- Indeed, this small human has the strength to injure the strongest of all

Fairy Tail Doujinshi Love Affairs pg10 By Karola2712

Next> Cover German version by TwilHina Let it begin! Levy and Lucy drunk in the bath.

Nalu, Jerza, Gale, and Gruvia  Not Shure that's how it works but I just love how well Natsu just owns it

Oh natsu~ XD I'm a hardcore NaLu fan but I also ship Zervis aside from Gale or Gajevy, Jerza and Gruvia

Natsu wants Lucy ^.^

Fairy Tail Natsu wanting to rescue lucy-this just shows how much Natsu cares about her, the had to tie him to a pole the Master had to use his magic to smash him because he got loose

Nalu's naked glory XD>>>notice how they both blush its only when natsu being a dork that he doesn't but still

Nalu's naked glory XD Can someone pls tell me which episode these are

Gajeel vs Levy - the whole story

Gajeel vs Levy - One say this could very well happen Gale! Takhle se na to musí 😂😂 Levy ví ❤😂😂😂

❤Natsu Dragneel

Natsu flying with Happy.or just has hidden wings that we dont know about