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Not all patients are annoying. Some are unconscious. #ecards

Not all patients are annoying. Some are unconscious. Yes- reasons why I don't mind going to neuro unit 👌🏼

Medical procedures then and now | TruthTheory

Do you ever sit and wonder what medical procedures use to be like decades ago? Most of us are not too fluent in medical knowledge or the history of medical procedures.

Anatomy of the Human Eye

The retina is located in the innermost layer of the eye and senses light. Rod cells in the retina supply vision in low light, while cone cells in the retina supply color and detail to vision.

Saving to read later about Vertebra and Chakra Connection Tuning forks — worki Highly recommended system of yoga here >> http://wwwyogafitnessblog.blogspot.com/ng with the spine

Best Medicine For Neuropathy In Feet

Gray 111 - Vertebral column-coloured - Vertebral column - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Everyone is getting engaged, married or pregnant. I'm just over here trying to become a Surgeon's First Assist.

'You've never repaired a torn aorta? Let me be your first patient who needs this surgery,' said no one. This is for my niece Emily!

I got your back

A lesson in how tightly we hold on to others may reflect on their own ability to stand on their own.---this is so funny I drew a cartoon of this in class this year x)

The only thing that stays on my mind is me becoming a doctor one day. It's my passion and my purpose in this life

This is what I always tell the pre-meds."Medicine is only for those who cannot imagine doing anything else" Dr.