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The "Wingless Plane" that ultimately sent Bill Horton to prison for stock fraud. story at click. (No relation to the German Horten brothers, of the famous Flying Wing)

VUSF-36 Specter (In Progress) by The-Xie

The design itself is practically done, but still quite a bit needs to be added when a few other things are figured out, so until those are set, uploadin. Specter (In Progress)

made in britain

Westland was intended to protect the beaches from the expected German invasion; the plane was never produced

Verticraft Verticar, 1961, wingless VTOL transport with an airfoil-shaped fuselage dating from 1961.

Verticraft Verticar - Wingless VTOL Transport Aircraft with Airfoil Fuselage

U.S. medium bomber B-25C "Mitchell". Historic poster showing major identifying features of the WWII B-25C medium bomber aircraft. Originally published by the U.S. Government Printing Office, 1943. Vie

U.S. Medium Bomber B-25C "Mitchell"

Historic poster showing major identifying features of the WWII medium bomber aircraft. Originally published by the

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Solar powered plane/glider. AWESOME. During the day, it's always sunny above the clouds

Suntoucher Solar-Powered Aircraft

Future technology Concept Solar Powered Aircraft - I bet flying through clouds is exciting!

Plane driven's PD-2 Roadable aircraft. Modified sportsman 2+ 2.

Video: New Roadable Airplane Shows up at Oshkosh

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eviation unveils all-electric 'alice' aircraft with 600 mile range

on the tarmac of the paris air show, eviation aircraft took the wraps off their ‘alice’ aircraft, an all-electric, composite-built plane.

GHOST is a prototype military boat, that is claimed to be the world's first super-cavitating watercraft.

The Ghost military watercraft is the world’s first supercavitating vessel