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(Common Core Standards 7.L.1, 7.L.1.a-c) Understand and utilize the basics of grammatical construction such as phrases, clauses, sentence structure, and modifiers. Fix grammar errors such as dangling modifiers.

Reading Literature: Meaning of Words/ Phrases Seventh Grade (Common Core Standard 7.RL.4) | Reading: Literature | Learnist

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How to Fix Run-on Sentences and Comma Splices

$1.50 High School and College. Common Core Standards require students to demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English. This mini lesson on how to use commas in order to avoid run-on sentences and comma splices is a useful tool to that end. Three worksheets provide practice for students to recognize and correct these two common errors. Suggested answers are provided.

Meanings And Clarifications Of Unknown Words, Multiple-Meaning Words, And Phrases For 6th Grade (Common Core Standards 6.L.4, 6.L.4.a,d) | Language | Learnist

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Using Wonder to Teach All the Common Core Literature Standards

Read this post to learn how to teach all the Literature Common Core Standards with one book, Wonder.

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Phrase Clause Phrases and Clauses

9th- 10th grade. This is a PowerPoint, lesson plan, several worksheets and activities on Phrases and Clauses. An EATS lesson plan (tied to the Common Core Standards) as well as two graphic organizers are included.

Writer's Workshop Mini Lesson Ideas - Common Core Aligned

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English and Language Arts Game! 252 Question Cards

Just in time for State Assessment Review!!! 252 Practice cards are a part of this interactive game! Sentence Structure Grammar Vocabulary (From Common Core Tier 2 lists) Literary Elements

A list of some of the most common grammatical errors that routinely make it into print.

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The Compound-Complex Sentence: 40 Task Cards Plus Grammar Posters

The Compound-Complex Sentence: 40 Task Cards Plus Grammar Posters. Includes a DIY storage case container template for your cards. This product features 40 compound-complex sentence task cards and 3 colorful posters (compound-complex sentences, independent and dependent clauses, & sentence structure at-a-glance). $