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Chinelos e Sandálias para Homens: Feliz Ano Novo!

Fred Astaire shows how to dance!

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Emperor Penguin Chick and Adulta, Snow Hill Island, Weddell Sea, Antarctica, Polar Regions

Emperor penguins. Majestic birds and wonderful, doting parents. The male emperor penguins guard their precious single egg through out the winter months while the females are at sea fattening themselves up for when they take over care of the newly hatched chick. Also, they mate for life. So male emperor penguins are more manly than most humans... at least in my personal experience.

"I have no desire to prove anything by dancing. I have never used it as an outlet or a means of expressing myself. I just dance. I just put my feet in the air and move them around." ~ Fred Astaire

Gene Kelly...such emotion. He put it out there like no one was watching.

#Aubercy - Ferrante - Boucle - Ligne Mesure - Sur commande - Made to order - Veau - Calfskin

Chinelos e Sandálias para Homens: Feliz Ano Novo!

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Adieu Paris 'type 5' Loafers - Le Marché Aux Puces -

Adieu Paris 'Type 5' loafers