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body measurement chart can be used for slopers. Use as template for creating Sloper, No Seam Allowances are included this will be exact body measurements.

My Body Measurement Chart by on @deviantART

I've been getting more into a sewing kick lately and to get experience in some sewing projects I've been meaning to make, I figured I'd make a measureme. My Body Measurement Chart

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Craft Yarn Council Size Charts - lots of sizing charts and info that's yarn-specific

This one you all should read !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Understanding Body Proportions - from Lost in a Spotless Mind

THE post you need to read to understand your proportions and dress for your body type (great photos tips!

Reitmans size chart / Guide des tailles Reitmans #sizechart #tailles #reitmans

Fashion Design (One to Two Credits).(c) Knowledge and skills(H) design apparel products using principles of effective design by: (i) identifying basic body types;

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Draping Pleats - if I ever manage to actually make something! I have this huge wish list of things to sew and crochet.


We Provide ,PGM Dress Forms E-Book,How to Take Body Measurement; How to measure your body To ensure a comfortable fit, when measuring, hold tape snug (not tight) around the body.

Frabjous Couture: Pimp My Pencil Skirt Sew along #6: Measurements

Four-day holiday, including an ample Thanksgiving dinner and a fat-burning hike in Westchester is a way to go! Only little sewing happened, .