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Honey to Clean Scars and Burns

141 Reasons Sugar Ruins Your Health (Just Kidding, it’s 143) Sugar can suppress your immune system. Sugar upsets the mineral relationships in the body. Sugar can cause juvenile delinquency in children. Sugar eaten during pregnancy and lactation can influence muscle force production in offspring, which can affect an individual’s ability to exercise. Sugar in soda, when consumed by children, results in the children drinking less milk. Sugar can elevate glucose and insulin responses and return…

Aspartame in Milk Without a Label? Big Dairy Petitions FDA For Approval Two powerful dairy organizations, The International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) and the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF), are petitioning the Food and Drug Administration to allow aspartame and other artificial sweeteners to be added to milk and other dairy products without a label. The FDA currently allows the dairy industry to use "nutritive sweeteners" including sugar and high fructose corn syrup in…

U.S. dairy industry petitions FDA to approve aspartame as hidden, unlabeled additive in milk, yogurt, eggnog and cream

Will Big Pharma and FDA Soon Move to Regulate Mother’s Raw Breast Milk