Incredible stumpwork!

Bee and berries stumpwork - NEEDLEWORK - This was stitched for the marvellous miknessevie in the IYP swap. She said she would like some embroidery, so I decided it had to be stumpwork It is a



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Beading and embroidery....perfect combination for this little dragonfly

♈ Dragonfly Versailles ♈ dragonflies in art, photography, jewelry, crafts, home & garden decor - stumpwork dragonfly

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RosalieWakefield-Millefiori: The Bossa Nova RoseWorking around the center, bullions are usually etc., up to until your rose is the size you like.

Luan B. Callery Strawberries - a Stumpwork Embroidery

Luan B. Callery Strawberries - a Stumpwork Embroidery