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An #infographic on the best 5 #eye #yoga practices for better vision. Get rid of those nerdy glasses today and live a free life

no such thing as nerd glasses, but does this help eye strain? Amazing ideas for eye strain when working at your computer! What does Yoga NOT make better?

If a sloth can do it...

all-things-sloth: “ 5 Stylish Sloth Watches You Can’t Resist ”

I'm just saying whining with wine is better!  Ohhhhmmm! I practice #yoga humor more than I practice #yoga poses!

Isn't that what getting together with friends, a bottle of wine & straws is all about?

"Acrosport para Heroinos" yoga en pareja

"Acrosport para Heroinos" yoga en pareja

Magia no Dia a Dia: Para Viver Plenamente http://magianodiaadia.blogspot.com.br/2017/01/para-viver-plenamente.html

Local yoga classes and Pranayama and meditation by Uma Patil in Watford town, Hertfordshire.