Pixel art is fascinating! If you've ever attempted to create a true pixel art d

Expansive Cityscape Advertising Campaign Illustration on Behance

Rod Hunt was commissioned to create an expansive cityscape illustration for a well known mobile communications provider's advertising campaign.

Geography - Pixel Art - "Communication City" -

Pop Art Is Alive: Classics and Modern Artworks

eboy 3

Le Pixel Art Numérique

If you are a fan of Waldo, then these pixel art illustrations will appeal to you! They are so detailed and very cool!   EBoy rocks!

30 Dazzling Examples of Pixel Art by Eboy

TM3 Home 04s

eBoy TM3 Home 04s

Posts for Pixorama – Complex and detailed pixel art panorama scenes. Built with custom pixel objects, created by eBoy.

You know society has undergone a radical transformation when everyday life is no longer the same. Took a train ride recently at 9am and had the most surreal, only-happens-in-a-movie experience. The…

eBoy Posters Collection in Pixel-Art and – Full Size, Hight Resolution