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Pacman, Nyan Cat, Pikachu, Mario mushroom, red angry bird and harry potter nails.

Resultados da Pesquisa de imagens do Google para http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-bOAcYnFC9w8/TqWdrDnNJyI/AAAAAAAABCo/86YoqljtDuk/s1600/halloween%2Bunhas.jpg

Halloween Nail Designs Pictures:- Nail art is unlimited in specific design but there are many designs available for nail art based on the creativity of the nail art decorator and the moment for the…

Polish Art Addiction: Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Patchwork

Polish Art Addiction: Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Patchwork ( Change up the colors and it could be scarecrow nails:D!

TREE nails!!!


Kelsie's Nail Files, Manicure for Kattclaws giveaway (How amazing is it that two nail artists were inspired by this beautiful painting? This is amazing. I've painted a painting similar to this.

not crazy about this but it is an interesting design

Rainbow, pot of gold, & shamrock nails. I would just do the rainbow with the pot of gold on one finger

Adventure Time Время Приключений ❤ liked on Polyvore

chalkboardnails: “ Adventure Time Nail Art I love the cartoon Adventure Time! Lumpy Space Princess is probably one of my favorite cartoon characters, ever, and I’ve watched a lot of cartoons.

How to make cool shield nail art step by step DIY instructions

How to make a very special nail art

25 Amazing DIY Nail Ideas Nail DIY is our new obsession. From easy nail designs featuring a flash of sparkles to the most delicate of patterns, it’s amazing what nail […]