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Slaughter at the Refuge | MAGIC: THE GATHERING

Gideon has returned to Zendikar with Jace Beleren, who we hopes can solve the "puzzle of leylines.

Warlock - a black magic wizard. This piece of artworks i used mainly grey toning to render it, and play with some dynamic compositions by using bird, sm.


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Druid by dleoblack on Interesting Druid but I would use him as a nature centric wizard

Мрачные картинки,art,арт,undead,semyon proskuryakov

Мрачные картинки,art,арт,undead,semyon proskuryakov

Lolth & Driders vs.

Lolth & Driders vs.

Просмотреть иллюстрацию новый транспорт гоблинов из сообщества русскоязычных художников автора Алексей Пузанков в стилях: 2D, нарисованная техниками: Компьютерная графика.

m Goblin Ranger on Tortoise mount new type of goblins transport by KalaNemi on DeviantArt

Dragons, Orcs, And Geeks

Even though my fallback D&D character has always been an Elf Rogue, I love playing Paladins, too. Here's my ideal Half Elf paladin. The Paladin