Camels in the shade of abandoned ships - the shrinking Aral Sea

abandonedography: “ On what was once the bed of the Aral Sea, a shoal of camels shelters from the sun under a pair of redundant fishing boats. The Aral Sea was the fourth largest inland body of water.

Reclaimed by nature 2a abandoned

The Last House on Holland Island photo courtesy Jay Fleming Photography Built in

Barco en el Mar de Aral

Desaparece el Mar de Aral, el cuarto lago mas grande del planeta

Shipwreck in the Aral Sea. Ever since the Soviet Union diverted the rivers that flowed into the Aral Sea in the its coastline has been receding. Today, the arid desert land only harbours the remnants of dozens of shipwrecks.

22 fotos verdaderamente impresionantes de lugares abandonados. Atención a la #16

The Use of Ashes — mark-is-fab: Our ship state, courtesy of the.

The Lost Ship of the Desert is the subject of legends about ancient ships found in California's Colorado Desert.

20 Photos Of The Shipwrecks Of The Aral Sea

The Eduard Bohlen, Conception Bay, Skeleton Coast, Namibia. The ship that ran aground off the coast of Namibia's Skeleton Coast on September in a thick fog. Currently the wreck lies in the sand a distance from the shoreline.

Amoco Cadiz. 1978 off the coast of Brittany(Bretagne).

explain this to me? thats unsafe! The oil tanker Amoco Cadiz ran aground on Portsall Rocks, 5 km mi) from the coast of Brittany, France, on 16 March 1978

Galleria Woldorf 2

Daily What?: Secret Train Platform Underneath the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in NYC. The Waldorf-Astoria has epitomized New York City glamour with ease, but beneath this Art-Deco luxury resort lies nothing abandoned train platform?


My ship finally came in.just happened to be living in Las Vegas at the time.


De nouvelles images de l’épave du Titanic, digitalisée en 3D (vidéo)

titanic at the bottom of the ocean. My husband built the camera in the ROV at upper left. This picture is a composite of thousands of photographs taken at close range. A photo from this vantage point on the ocean floor is impossible.

Iba navegando por ahí y decidí pasar por una tacita de café

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Ship in the desert ~ Leo Caillard

Creative photos that will blow your mind away. There are millions of photo manipulation examples, but some photos are really breathtaking and mind blowing

The Unloved Boats: 8 Abandoned Cruise Ships  "The World Discoverer" Simply beautiful

Ozymandias Redux (haiku) "Abandoned queens of - the sea slowly return to - Davy Jones' Locker" abandoned cruise ship World Discoverer