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Neels Visser by Jabari Jacobs.

((Neels Visser)) "I am Neels Smith. I am bipolar and have frequent episodes of anger. I have been restrained a lot because I just blow up. I promise I am very loving. I am 19 and bisexual.

Ian Bradley

{{withian}} "Hello, my name is Scythe. I'm 18 and pansexual. I'm not much for monogamy. My dad is a funeral director. That makes me pretty close to death. I'm also pretty good at dancing.

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OMG I don't know you but this is exactly how Ron looked like to me when I first read the Harry Potter books

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[faceclaim] attractiveness // aesthetic // photography // art // people // androgynous // model // grunge

attractiveness // aesthetic // photography // art // people // androgynous // model // grunge I can't tell the gender but they are gorgeous and I'm so confused

Hell is empty, all the devils are here. - William Shakespeare (model: Hugh Vidler)

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Felix Tucker

Linus Wordemann - he's totally philby and no one can tell me otherwise

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12 Brushed Back Hairstyles for Men

Not an article of clothing, but I kinda want to try out this hair color and style. Picture Gallery of Men's Brushed Back Hairstyles