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Free for 1-2 May - Viva the Short Story! - The Edge of Lies, a Short Story (Prequel to the Paradise Valley Mysteries) by Debra Burroughs, -As the Prequel to the Paradise Valley Mystery series, The Edge of Lies is a short story that tells the captivating love story of Emily and Evan, the secrets he kept from her, and how they ended up in Paradise Valley. When love is blind, maybe she needs her eyes opened.

"Water isn't going to wash the scars away." She jumped at the sound of my voice. Not meeting my eyes, she tried to shrug away, but I grabbed her waist and turned her around. "Running isn't helping either. Here." I set her on the bathroom counter and wiped the blood off her wrists with a warm towel. Gently, I kissed her palms. "Don't do this," I taped gauze patches over the cuts, "please?"*** Scientists at Large Hadron Collider hope to make contact with PARALLEL UNIVERSE in days

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