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Wandgestaltung im Arbeitszimmer praktische Korkwand

floor-to-ceiling cork board installation invites a versatile element to the decor, not to mention a rather crafty approach to organization

Whether you have carpet or a wood floor, get a summery throw rug to put under the foot of the bed or wherever it works best to add a little jazz and light without a big cost. myscandinavianhome.com

Me and Neil were chatting about paint colours for No. 42 the other day. I asked him which wall sample he preferred in each of the rooms and he replied: "I don't mind, as long as the whole house isn't grey. These samples all look grey" Oopsy!

Qué colores elegir para pintar la casa en verano. | Mil Ideas de Decoración

Qué colores elegir para pintar la casa en verano.