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You build your life with reading.

I want a house made of books! Rekunenko Valentin V. Born in 1955 Graduated from the Dnepropetrovsk Art College in Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukrain.

I could live here (or at least have my coffee here)

My fantasy bookstore/coffeehouse.

In Doug Knutson's print JURIS PRUDENCE a vintage lawyer's desk reflects a simpler time--a few law books, reading glasses, a gavel, and an oil lantern by which to work. Lady Justice reminds the lawyer

Doug Knutson Juris Prudence

The Top 10 Best Opening Lines in Fantasy Fiction -

Book ship

Book ship

This is like my most favorite picture ever in the history of my existence. Seriously. <3!!!

Mermaid Katja © (Artist, Germany) via deviantART. Cool mermaid sitting on a stack of books in the middle of the ocean.

Her gün bir şey öğrenmek her günümüzden bir günün eksilmesinden daha bahtiyar ve uzun ömürlü yapıyor insanı..... #ENE #ZEYNEP_AYDEMİR #ENE #ZEYNEP_AYDEMİR #ENE #ZEYNEP_AYDEMİR #ENE #ZEYNEP_AYDEMİR ##ENE -diye düşünüyorum!

The Storyteller Mural - Randal Spangler

Reading makes immigrants of us all. It takes us away from home, but more important, it finds homes for us everywhere.  Jean Rhys


man reading on the roof by Manuele Fior

dreamies.de (h5m7fiv62ut.jpg)

An ideal visual to reveal that once a child gets into reading a book of their choice their imagination takes off!

I'm reading just as breathing... : Photo

Paulo Galindro “ETerna Biblioteca” “Art is a bridge leading us to God.

Adventures between the pages

Pour l'amour des livres - wordpainting: Reading takes you on adventures.

niño leyendo

:Reading in bed by Patricia Castelao

Worthwhile Smile http://www.maikaworld.com/blog/                                                                                                                                                     More

Reading helps me stay balanced!

My idea of a perfect spot.  Change out that nice sofa for a "broken in" tan version and you've got one corner of my living room. < love this!

Stylish home: Libraries - myLusciousLife

My kind of living room will always have a comfy chair, a stack of good books and a cup of coffee.

.Calm down, read.

Hastening the summer until the last moment (ilustración de Cecile Mancion)

Does this put you in Elin Hillderbrand's world?cc

Wish I Were There: Rooms with Ocean Beach Windows by Karen Hollingsworth

Karen Hollingsworth Premium Thick-Wrap Canvas Wall Art Print entitled Summer Reading List, None

Fairies living among the books.  I love it!  Marie Montard

Marie Montard 48 Rue des livres So clever and charmant!