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Martian manhunter aka John

"Justice League"/ "Justice League Unlimited" animated J'onn J'onzz, voiced by Carl Lumbly<<<Easily my favorite Manhunter

New Martian Manhunter by ~AMTModollas on deviantART

If you're a DC fan like me, then you probably love all the DC characters most iconic costumes! New Martian Manhunter

Not a big fan of the black bodysuit but the overall design is good- Martian Manhunter

I liked the newer designs of his costume. It looks sleeker and more alien than his old costume, which when used nowadays kind of make. My Favorite Martian

Firestorm & Martian Manhunter

infinity-comics: Firestorm & Martian Manhunter by Ivan Reis Two great and under-appreciated heroes.

Characters, Martian Manhunter

young justice season 3 - Google Search

He was my least favorite character of the show just because he was a rude and a jerk to Artemis

Martian manhunter

Martian manhunter