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Henri Matisse, Still Life with Compote, Apples, and Oranges, 1899, oil on canvas, 18 1/4 x 21 7/8 inches, The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Selected Highlights

Henri Matisse - "Still Life Compote, Apples, and Oranges", 1899 at The Baltimore Museum of Art, The Cone Collection

Still Life - Henri Matisse

Still Life, Peaches and Glass Henri Matisse - collection Dates: Artist age: Approximately 49 years old. Dimensions: Height: cm in.) Medium: Painting - oil on canvas

1903  Henri Matisse  Le Bouquet sur la table de bambou  54,6x45 cm  Genève, Galerie Jan Krugier

Art is not a luxury, it is a necessity. :Bouquet on a Bamboo Table, Henri Matisse, 1903