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Sultan + Shepard Feat. Lauren Mason – Chasing (In The Night)

"E a situação sempre mais ou menos; Sempre uns com mais e outros com menos". Se fosse vivo, hoje Chico Science completaria 47 anos.

de Catraca Livre

Roberto Carlos: pedreiros da construtora de cantor aprendem música instrumental

Trabalhadores da construtora do cantor Roberto Carlos têm um jeito diferente de executar suas tarefas. Além das habituais - relacionados à função para a qual foram contratados - eles ouvem e aprendem sobre música.  A inciativa é da ONG  Mestres da Obra.    O trabalho, prioriza a audição das canções de Roberto e vai render...<br /><a class="more-link"…

This video illustrates the exponential effect of giving a helping hand to someone. Helping others spreads the love around. Pass it on.


The Invisible World Has A Funky Fresh Beat

So, when you watch the video and see web-work patterns driven onto undulating surfaces, or beats turned into expanding water spirals, remember that you're seeing mathematics made manifest. What you're seeing already existed before the music even started, because it first existed as mathematical relations that have always existed and have always been true.

Heineken Commercial 2011 - The Entrance - YouTube

Wood meets concrete by REHFORM

Pay It Forward - Okay it's a "Chick Flick' - Kid died, we all cried - BUT the theme was such an epiphany it has greatly influenced my life. The idea of helping others who cannot do anything for you but indebting them to pass on the good. ...Great movie....

Use this song to save a life! Hands only CPR. Call 9-1-1. Find the center of the chest with both hands and push HARD to the beat of Stayin Alive until help arrives.