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Angelic Airbrushed Females Anna Dittmann Paints Heavenly Women Evocative of Religious Figures

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Beautiful CG girls created by Ruoxing Zhang. Ruoxing is an illustrator based in Beijing, China. She loves to create beautiful female artworks and angles.

Dibufanta: Anne "Escume"

Angelic Digital Art 08 Gorgeous and Angelic Digital Art by Anna Dittmann .

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This is a digital drawing of Queen Wealtheow, who is Hrothgar's wife and the queen of the Danes. She wears a lot of jewelry which goes to show that wealth is a sign of importance in their society.

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"I touched my cheek and looked away. The potion that me beautiful. I looked into the mirror trying not to worry. In my reflection, I saw the witch I was. The Witch I am.

Beautiful Portraits by Anna Dittmann http://www.cruzine.com/2013/05/20/beautiful-portraits-anna-dittmann/

Beautiful Portraits by Anna Dittmann Digital Artist