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Gorgeous Tiger Spider! : La araña tigre, Linothele fallax

The Tiger Spider (Linothele fallax) is a member of the Dipluroidea family which…

I love the color "PURPLE" ... but, I still don't think I could bring myself to handle one of these!  It is beautiful!  God Bless it!  (:

Purple Bloom Tarantula (Platyomma tarantula) Brazil and Ecuador

Mature male platyomma tarantula, photo by Roberta Grace

Gorgeous & hella creepy all at once! Mature male platyomma tarantula, photo by Roberta Grace

Aranha Callisoga O que é essa pelagem!?  Genteeee é PERFEITA! Dedetizar uma dessas é crime! by Aninseto Dedetizadora

beautiful silver Calisoga "I can't believe it's not a tarantula!" Often mistaken for a tarantula, Calisoga is smaller and unable to climb smooth surfaces.

Thrigmopoeus psychedelicus

Thrigmopoeus psychedelicus

Tarantula (avicularia metallica) (pinktoe) ~ A relatively docile member of the species. ~ Click through the large version to see a full-screen view on a black background (set your computer for full-screen). ~ Miks' Pics "Arachnids and  Insects l" board @

ANTILLES PINKTOE TARANTULA (juvenile) (Avicularia versicolor) ©igor siwanowicz Note: This is a corrected post. Thanks to for notifying me that the cobalt blue tarantula was mis-identified, it was actually this tarantula — a juvenile.

Orange Baboon Tarantula | Pterinochilus murinus (Orange Baboon Tarantula)

Orange Baboon Tarantula | Pterinochilus murinus (Orange Baboon Tarantula)

There are 35,000 named species of spiders worldwide, and all of them are carnivorous. Some of them are so big that they eat mice and small birds... Yikes! I think I'll stick to vegetarian eFoods meals... :)

A study published in 2006 had suggested the zebra tarantula (Aphonopelma…

Tarantula | Blue Tarantulas

Blue Tarantulas

Image detail for -blue tarantulas - poecilotheria metallica


adorable spiders: Poecilotheria ornata, Fringed Ornamental tarantula image source- this spider looks like jewelry !

deviantART: Orange Baboon Tarantula  by *ENRAGEDBAKU

Live Exotic Orange Baboon Trantula, Beloved Royal Bloodline Reptiles and Creepy Cute Companions to the World