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A Vancouver gallery is showcasing unseen works by children’s book author and illustrator Theodor Seuss Geisel — fanciful art, long kept under wraps, that he made when he couldn’t sleep, or had writer’s block, or did for pleasure.

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Dr seuss background detailed

A Dr. Seuss-inspired twelfth grade art project that I got a little carried away with.

Copy of a Dr Seuss Illustration

Copy of a Dr Seuss Illustration

“…a creature content with himself as animal and artist, and one who didn’t give a lick or a spit for anyone’s opinion, one way or another, of his work.”

The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss

dr. seuss

It's Russalad, You Shmucks - magictransistor: Theodor Seuss Geisel (Dr.

3 Sculptures by Dr. Seuss: Unorthodox taxidermy filled with whimsy

3 Sculptures by Dr. Seuss: Unorthodox taxidermy filled with whimsy & life

Dr Seuss Unorthodox Taxidermy - If you have an extra million dollars lying around and consider yourself a Dr. Seuss fan, then you have to check out this auction for the original D.


The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss

"The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss," originally published in collects 65 of Geisel’s whimsical paintings, sculptures, and rough sketches of weird and wonderful beings in otherworldly settings, created for his own pleasure and never exhibited in public.

He called them his

Dr. Seuss' Secret Art Collection Finally Goes On View

Taxidermy, Seuss style.

Taxonomy & Children’s Literature + + + Super Punch: Dr. Seuss’s Unorthodox Taxidermy

Suddenly, the frog laughed, a laugh as clear as silver.  It jumped down from the firewood and  at that moment became a beautiful fairy girl  with rosy cheeks, sky-blue eyes, and curly gold hair.

The Frog Became a Beautiful Fairy Girl The Seven Wishes John Bauer illustration