ArtStation - Med bay concept, Toni Pykalaniemi

Med bay concept, Toni Pykalaniemi on ArtStation at…

Album of 50 high res pics by Syd Mead, visual futurist (famous for his designs…

Syd Mead Designs and Illustrations Syd Mead industrial design illustration design concept art Art

Various flying machine concepts by Feng Zhu.

In-class demos by veteran concept artist Feng Zhu. Keywords: various flying vehicle concept spaceship art by veteran concep.

Referencia ilustração - 6                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

Referencia ilustração - 6 Mais

The Art & Design of Alien: Isolation - Games Discussion - GameSpot

ALIEN - Ron Cobb design for the autodoc

Syd Mead: Airlock Adapter Concept Sketch Photo by jhfong | Photobucket

Syd Mead: Airlock Adapter Concept Sketch Photo by jhfong

dustrial-inc:  Kazutaka Miyatake

dustrial-inc: Kazutaka Miyatake

concept ships: Space Battleship Yamato concept art by Kazutaka Miyatake

scifi ship cockpit - Google Search

scifi ship cockpit - Google Search

Sci-Fi Wall Panel - 3D Model for Sale - 3D Squirrel by, via Behance

Tusk's digital model study of a Sci-Fi Wall Panel Kit.A collection of 8 high definition sci-fi panels for use in an interior scene.

helicarrier concept interior - Google Search

Halo 4 concept artwork by A J Trahan

Lots of tripping hazards

Starcraft 2 « Troy L.

Of course Tor Frick, Master of Corridor. He really nails the heavy, scifi look down. Everything has so much weight and purpose.

[Scifi speedcorridor, Tor Frick on ArtStation]

Sci-Fi by JoakimOlofsson on deviantART

DeviantArt: More Like Spaceship Interior WIP by mhofever

Samuel Chamberlain

Main portal at Saint Nicolas des Champs, Paris sketch by American artist Samuel Chamberlain This sketch floored me in how much detail was provided, primarily through eloquent use of lines and cross-hatching.

Cyberpunk, Future, Futuristic, Sci-fi Lab by ~jimmyjimjim on deviantART

Aliens Crucible (concept art)

Ridiculous art for the Aliens game that never was (update)