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ABERCROMBIE & FITCH has been forced to withdraw a line of T-shirts which referred to Taylor Swift’s love life, after her legions of fans complained.

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embellished dress + sequined pattern + sun umbrella + shoulder and hip detailing Vogue Portugal, Luis Monteiro

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Dress to Kill Magazine winter 2013 editorial – Winter Getaway

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hair-tips-sharpie..."I would usually fuss at the kids for writing on themselves, but this is so cute. What a fun and temporary way to add some color without the damage! A must TRY!!!!"

Rainbow Sharpie

Oh my goodness! This is so pretty! This young lady dyed the tips of her hair with Sharpie markers. According to the text, it should wash out pretty quickly. Wouldnt this look cute with team colors or prom colors? So many options. Very smart girl.

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lxst-nxght: “Anais Mali & Riley Montana photographed by Hans Neumann and styled by Julie Pelipas / Vogue Ukraine July 2016 ”