one tribe can bend gravity, and uses their ability to fly. most youngsters in this tribe play skyball, which is a game only those with enough of this tribe's blood running in their veins can play.

witch powers in action (Geokinesis)


Geokinesis is the ability to manipulate all of earth's resources such as rocks, sand, dirt and.

They had gotten to know the ventilation system better than they knew anything else about MI-6.

William slipped through the ceiling tile with a serious stare, then landing with a ridiculous grin on his face.

"She's a demon..." someone whispered. I turned slowly. "What did you say?" He gulped, eyes wide. "N-nothing..." "No, no, please. I want to hear your thoughts..." My wings folded down.


"She's a demon." someone whispered. I turned slowly." He gulped, eyes wide. I want to hear your thoughts." My wings folded down.

The following contains spoilers for the first-season finale of  The Magicians .   So Syfy's bawdy and foul-mouthed The Magicians , which ...

The most intriguing part of The Magicians isn't the magic--it's the material that explores the dark side of being a fantasy or sci-fi nerd

writing prompt - character inspiration

The skill and precision for that roll to work 😮

But for all the mind-bending unreality of the show, Stevens revealed that most of the special effects—including a show-stopping scene in David's ...

The Cast of Legion Lied to Star Dan Stevens to Make the Show Better

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I have a terrible power. If I were a bad person, I could destroy this world with this power.

The explosion combined with tornado was too much. It was all destroyed. Nothing but a handful of sorrowful memories.