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Veggie Log Cabin

Veggie lodge or Veggie "Gingerbread house!" ***Cut notches in carrots like Lincoln Logs and use thick humus or cream cheese for "glue" ***

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15 Creative DIY Ideas to Serve Hot Dogs

A new take on food trucks :-D Awesome idea for a veggie dish

Auto Fruit Car - build a little auto as centerpiece and healthful eats. Scoop dip into the bun, surround it with crisp colorful veg, and invite kids to dip, crunch, and dismantle if needed.

Nothing's fishy about this tasty bite-sized cream cheese, rice cake, and vegetable #snack!

FamilyFun's Treat of the Month

This gave me the idea to use food coloring in cream cheese: Pink & Blue filled celery! Under The Sea Party Snacks: These savory bites, assembled from rice cakes, cream cheese, and fresh veggies, make a wholesome treat.

How to make this "carrot flowers" or "suns" or whatever you want to call them from this recipe called "Split Pea Sunshine & Saffron Soup"

sun carrots, great for kids, looks pretty in soup.my new roots (soup recipe)

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nice More Than 150 Snack Ideas For Kids

More Than 150 Snack Ideas For Kids

Innovative, creative and HEALTHY idea for kids party!

Cute and easy Sesame Street fruit tray ideas for kids! Fruit Centerpiece platter ideas for a child's birthday party or a baby shower.

Radish flower

DIY Radish Flowers

DIY Radish Flowers these are easy and look fantastic I do them all the time.use as garnish on top of potato salads etc

This Mouse Snack Attack is perfect for a kids' table at this year's Easter brunch.

Mouse Snack Attack---Ingredients: Peeled, hard-boiled eggs, halved Sliced almonds Carrot sliversRead more ›

Smiley Face Pancake

I like to eat pancakes in the morning, and I would love if I can have something like this :) [ link ] Totoro pancak e. cute :D [ link.

14 Engrossing Christmas Appetizers and Snacks | GleamItUp

Egg Snowmen---- hard-boiled eggs, a carrot and some peppercorns. These snowmen are a very nice addition to your holiday appetizer platter. Oh and this will make eating eggs more fun for your kids as well ;

Enjoy this repin of #Food #Art! Click the pic to learn more and don't forget to grab a free song from moi at www.joejoekeys.com

TOP 10 Food decorations

Move over, potatoes and carrots.

10 Genius New Uses for a Potato Peeler