Yoga ao acordar

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Gentle inversions: easy inverted yoga poses that will help you calm your mind and will leave you feeling relaxed and restored.

Yin yoga is for all levels and the benefits are amazing! More peace, more flexibility and more relaxation. Enjoy!

Beginner yoga poses to try (

The practice of yoga has several benefits at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. On a physical level, it can build muscle strength, improve balance and flexibility, and help with weight loss. It can improve joint health and help with back pain. Yoga also improves posture and alignment, which can help prevent many other types of pain. Lower blood pressure and cholesterol are other positive side-effects of practicing yoga, as well as better circulation, respiration and better…


Preocuparmo-nos não faz desaparecer os problemas do amanhã, faz desaparecer a paz de hoje.

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