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5 seconds of summer

Luke Hemmings 5 Seconds of Summer the amount of times I've added him to this list.

Luke Hemmings 5 Seconds of Summer but imagine him making this face when you tell him too smile for a picture *sigh*

I love when he smiles like that it makes my heart melt(: hahaha

Luke seeing you for the first time after you first kissed.:)

I do like they're not my favorite band, and I technically only like one of their songs, but I still like them :P<<<< then why did you pin this? Also luke isn't the only person in

thanks for 2.9k+ love ya bbys

drea løves luke on

Luke] "H-Hi." I giggle and blush "A-Anyone want to h-hang out.

Luke Hemmings // Where is your mind?

The turtle Lade an egg>>>the egg was kinda hot

this was so uncalled for

You're welcome Luke girls >>> *whispers, with tears in my eyes* thank you

Excuse you I'm trying to breathe

Excuse me while I try to breathe<< it's not working<<<not working for me either.<<<<IMA go bathe in the some nails see y'all in hell

Luke hemmings is too perfect for his own good... Look at that face

Every time I see one of the boys when you have your day with him btw Luke day today

((Open RP be Luke?)) I walk in with Niall, the dude is like my best friend. "Hi Luke," I smile. "Hey," he mumbles. "Whats wrong?" He snaps. I start panicking and run to the bathroom. ((My name is Brooke))