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Calvin and Hobbes

the rarest tiger of them all.

Calvin and Hobbes. I love this cartoon! Back in the old days before multimedia was everywhere we in the Army brought books and comics with us to read. This and the Far Side were my two favorites.

Que não nos falte bom humor para enfrentar as caras feias do dia!

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Calvin and Hobbes on "Writer's Block". @Andrea / FICTILIS Brown  I think I've found  your problem ;P

Calvin and Hobbes: It's a writer's block! You put it on top of your desk and then you can't write there any more.

Nikola Tesla standing next to his suite at the Hotel New Yorker - circa 1934

Nikola Tesla actually discovered Alternating Current, produced the first electrical motor, invented the radio (he preceded Marconi by several years) and the arc light, broadcast the first television signals and even created an artificial earthquake that v

Talk Star Wars To Me: Hobbes And Bacon - A New Generation Of Calvin And Hobbes

the guys at pants are overrated created a few strips with calvin and suzie all grown up. they now have a daughter named Bacon. what an awesome name. what a great tribute to Calvin and Hobbes.

Welcome to the Dank side

Darth Vader knows how to party (marijuana cannabis stoner) Whatever.this is funny! Though I do not smoke.

Bald Eagle and Osprey.they never fly together, most likely the male Osprey is defending his nest from the eagle. Last season, one of the Osprey nests I watch lost both chicks to a Bald Eagle. Not a happy outcome, but it's nature 'doing it's thing.


Reality continues to ruin my life. There have been times when Calvin and Hobbes have given us the much needed dose of reality check, often in ways we didn’t expect.

hobbes and bacon

Calvin and Susie got married! and they had a child and named her Bacon! and now she and Hobbes are buddies! I love it! I'm a nerd lol (Hobbes & Bacon