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Never thought of it this way, but so true

who shit in his pants to get a out of the war. that's right: shit. his. pants.

Live and fight for humanity. There is no god. All religions are false. Think about the real people who are here on Earth with you now, and the ones who will be here when we are dead. Abandon religion and embrace your fellow humans.

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What would Jesus say about Republican attack on food stamps?

Republicans believe in Jesus but apparently don't believe in his teachings. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that the food stamp program has kept about 4 million above the poverty line and has been a lifeline to millions of others already in poverty. If the Republican cuts were to go into effect, 4 million people would be kicked off the food stamp program next year, according to the Congressional Budget Office, and another 3 million would be dropped annually in subsequent years.

hey ladies...THIS should be the woman you look up to. not Katy Perry, Rihanna, or even Lady Gaga

This dipshit! If she has no more respect for our constitution than this, then she needs to be removed from the Senate.