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Maria Fernanda Candido
Penelope Cruz Hairstyles | January 1, 2007 | DailyMakeover.com

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Maria Fernanda Candido
Even one of the most beautiful faces in the entertainment industry also likes to rock a medium-cut length. In this, Lily Collins dons an elegant half updo with a bit of a puff wile keeping the edges swaying for an overall classic look. Now how long is medium length? Well it’s basically from your shoulders … Continue reading "30 STYLISH MEDIUM LENGTH HAIRSTYLES"


Марселло Энтони (Marcello Antony)
Jorge Martinez.
Full Hair Dye | 10 Awesome Silver Hair Colors Ideas | Absolutely Gorgeous And Stunning Hair Dye Inspiration by Makeup Tutorials at  http://makeuptutorials.com/10-breathtaking-silver-hair-colors-for-stylish-women/
Сериал "Алондра"(1995), Мексика. В роли Алондры - Ана Кольчеро (Ana Colchero) р. 1968
Maria Fernanda Cândido volta às novelas e será mãe de transexual em "À Flor da Pele"