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Portrait of Gloria Swanson, 1920's

Gloria Swanson: Muses, Cinematic Women

Gloria Swanson, 1928 (photo by Nickolas Muray)

Gloria Swanson - Wikipedia

Gloria Swanson - Wikipedia

Gloria Swanson Biography | those eyes! she was always ready for her close-up.

Just as some languages are beautiful to the ear, the language of silent film is beautiful to the eye. Silent film is especially known.

Gloria Swanson

American actress, singer, and producer, Gloria Swanson(March 1899 – April - photograph by Ljunggrens Konstförlag, Stockholm.

Gloria Swanson

viviensleigh: “ Gloria Swanson photographed for Sadie Thompson, 1928 ”

Gloria Swanson and Raoul Walsh in "Sadie Thompson" (1928). Walsh also directed. Swanson produced the film with financial backing from Joe Kennedy Sr., with whom she also was having an affair. I thought it was a good film, although I thought Lionel Barrymore as the moralist who hounds Sadie chewed the scenery a bit. I knew Walsh as a director, but never saw him act; he was excellent. However, he lost his eye in a car accident a year later and became strictly a director after that.

Sadie Thompson, 1928 ~ Gloria Swanson & Raoul Walsh He directed and starred in the film.