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I love the way siamese cats look. The contrast of bright blue eyes on black face is striking.

de Exame

Receita libera consulta ao 2º lote de restituição do IR 2015

@"Como o leão que ruge, e urso que ataca, assim é o perverso que domina sobre um povo pobre." Provérbios 28:15.

27 Puppies Who Are Too Cute To Be Real

The beginning of the Kitorian era.

snowing on blue-eyed black cat

Superstition has hurt pure black cats for so many years. They were and still called evil and associated with witches. It is unfair to hurt an animal because they do not know what evil means. An animal needs love just like any other animal. Black is a color and it means many things to different people. Take it out on a pure black animal is unfair. A color is still just a color. Meanings can change, but animals can not. ~Help Protect Your Black Cat~