lovely cottage garden border!!

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A magnificent Garden does not, necessarily, have to go with a magnificent House. Make the most of your "Patch".

Cottage garden - I wonder if there are semi-wild and easy care plants and flowers I could use to create a look like this. I don't do gardening. Plant it, water it, and I'm done.

Stone path A stone flagged path, lined with Nepeta racemosa (dwarf catmint) "Walker's Low and two huge pots of Lathyrus odoratus (sweat pea) "Matucana" leading to the single storey house.

Hunmanby grange, yorkshire: Clematis 'mrs bateman' climb over metal supports with allium 'purple sensation' in foreground.   Clive Nichols photo

Hunmanby grange, yorkshire: Clematis 'mrs bateman' climb over metal supports with allium 'purple sensation' in foreground

Wollerton Old Hall, one of several garden rooms , plant combinations~ Clive Nichols Garden Photography

Wollerton Old Hall, red and orange colour scheme ~ Clive Nichols Garden Photography

Gardens by Hercio Dias

Gardens by Hercio Dias

If you want your garden to look as wildly beautiful and strangely unkempt as this one, plant multiple, multiple perennials of the same kind in a vast space, and let them grow unencumbered for several years. You'll see results like this if you have the patience to wait! -- (Allium Mix in the Oast Garden at Perch Hill!)

Allium Collection

Dahlia Festival – 20th August | Gardens Illustrated

- Enjoy extensive dahlia displays and learn how to grow them at Sarah Raven's Dahlia Festival held at Perch Hill in East Sussex. Plus displays at Biddulph Grange, Halls of Heddon, The Secret Garden and The National Dahlia Collection

Foxgloves, poppies, delphiniums

New to Gardening? Here are some Great Tips...

Cottage garden, foxglove, delphinium, poppies, penstemon I ❤ these flowers and this garden

Is it just me, or is June passing by at lightening speed?      With a second chest cold keeping me from my garden, I found that the ear...

Peonies, Geranium, Hosta Three Dogs in a Garden: The Garden in the first days of June

Home of Claude Monet, Giverny - France

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Repetition of rudbeckia, salvia, tagetes and marigold to create cohesion in long border.created by Steffen Hauser - My Cottage Garden