Evil fairy tattoo

ok, they are dark evil ones, and that's good. anyway I still hate all the fairies in the world!

Metamorphosis by ~Lithium-Tears on deviantART

in my gallery there are a few drawings of harlequins and pierrots, this character is part of the same story idea they're from. I was drawing outside again and she popped into my head, figured I'd d.


Pink Chickens by ~aleksandracupcake on deviantART - I shall name her Cute Sassy Badass

Alice Doodle by KennedyxxJames

NOT MY FAULT D: But there you are Used mm pencil Alice Doodle

The Spider witches by DemiseMAN.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Cassy the doll maker & Dollie die Spinne. my old work of Dollie here[link] The Spider witches