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Beautiful I love feeling what the artist felt like in there paintings there beautiful masterpiece

This is cooler than an ice latte (, and that's pretty chill 😎)

www.ravishlondon.com/londonstreetart Together Shoreditch and Spitalfields in the East of London constitute the most exciting place to be in London. The population is young, dynamic and imaginative; Friday and Saturday nights are a riot with a plet

graffiti art David Walker London Street Art Street Art / Graffiti "Telephone Sheep" by Jean-Luc Cornec

TMNT 3D street art <-- still can't get over how awesome this is!

Awesome 3D TMNT Painting!

Awesome graffiti

I love the color and the motion of the picture and especially her looks. The way she looks at you is kind of snobby anf brattish buty that's what pulls the whole picture together.

Beautiful Street Art by street artist A number of jaw-dropping stencil works from the past few months by French artist Christian Guémy aka seen on the streets of Barcelona and Berlin. has been an active street artist for over 20 years.

David Walker working on one of his Explosively Colorful Spray Paint Portraits

The Explosively Colorful Spray Paint Portraits of David Walker

The Explosively Colorful Spray Paint Portraits of David Walker street art portraits painting


Funny pictures about Best of street art. Oh, and cool pics about Best of street art. Also, Best of street art.

3d street art - Αναζήτηση Google

Awesome Art Photos) chalk art Street Art And Graffiti In Cork creative amazing art

Visual Bits #339 > Playing With Water

Iris Scott - Finger Paintings \\ Artist Iris Scott creates beautiful impressionistic oil paintings not with brushes, but with her fingers.

Cats is Art - Lovely Cats

Don't take this the wrong way as I may come of strongly but I mean no harm. This is a horrible tattoo idea unless it is pretty big. If the tattoo is too small then eventually you'll have a black blob .

graffiti 21

Is Graffiti A Form Of Art On The Streets Or Is It Vandalism?

he Old Truman Brewery. it's a good thing there are so many different artists for so many different tastes. artists come in all flavors!