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Harriet Taylor Seed - This design uses a print to create the illustration. A clear colour palette is used of greens, yellows and oranges. These illustrations don't use a black outline unlike most of my researched illustrations

This is my work in illustration and lettering.

illustration, lettering, and graphic design from a very nice and wonderful to work with artist living in Reykjavik, Iceland.

The Birds of Australia by Kristina Sostarko + Jason Odd.  Colorful birds. Art for kids. Art for the nursery.

The Birds of Australia by Kristina Sostarko + Jason Odd

Elise Gravel illustration • cactus • plants • desert • hot • art • painting • watercolour • bloom • garden • flowers • drawing

Could be good to represent each object in a less realistic, quirky style like this. showing each person's personality or story through the way their object is represented.

illustration / whimsical linework [ jillian phillips . colour: black . hot peach . mustard . white ]♥•♥•♥

Une semaine sur Pinterest #12

The Log Cabin  A4 print on 250gsm Recycled Paper by PapioPress

zannagoldhawk: Sorry I haven’t posted anything. zannagoldhawk: “ Sorry I haven’t posted anything in AGES guys! I’ve been super busy over Christmas, and now I’m flooded with uni work. I’ve still been finding the time to check out all the awesome.