Lol. This made me laugh because it's so true

Um, they don't have light bulbs. So it would take 3 Ravenclaws. One to explain what a light bulb is after a ravenclaw took the light bulb and wiring apart and the last one to put the wires and light swich back together.

As sweet as this is, Hermione would have someone to walk her down the isle because after the battle of Hogwarts the first thing Rob and Hermione did was find her parents in Australia and reverse the obliviate charm

I don't think this is exactly what I would be like, considering Hogwarts is based on the British schooling system. We don't need a certain amount of credits to graduate, and we don't get tardies (at least not in most schools).

Harry Potter-The reasons I love Draco that you wouldn't understand had you not read the books. If I tell someone that I love Draco & they didn't read the books, they're like "wtf he's an asshole.


Lupin practically shoved the chocolate down his son's mouth.trying to kill the dog in him.Remus never knew.he just thought his dad loved chocolate and it became a comfort for him.

Happy September 1st! - i can’t believe friday, september 1, 2017, is nineteen years later. the last scene in the harry potter books.  this is it.

Bellatrix Gemini Cassiopeia Evelyn Snape will be told to live up to the family name even if she isn't adopted, and to make sure she writes to her namesake and the professor and that she better be in slytherin.

I would kill to be at that Quidditch match

Muggleborns rocking Hogwarts~~~~~~ OMG, I'm crying from laughing so hard! XD This is great! XD << as a proud Ravenclaw I have to admit I'd be singing we will rock you with Gryffindor, although I have nothing against Slytherin

Somebody once told me...

This is brilliant and still so sad--- why was this the saddest post about the battle of Hogwarts to me