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DINO RIDERS by CarlosDattoliArt on DeviantArt

"ODE TO MY CHILDHOOD" is a series of illustrations dedicated to all those things that made me tingle when i was a child, from cartoon characters,vi.

Lovecraftian Horror, Creature Design, Creature Concept Art, Alien Creatures, Fantasy Creatures, Mythical Creatures, Monster Design, Monster Art, Legendary Creature

Rynyx Creature Concept Sheet by franeres

Continuing my capstone project with an updated design of one of the creatures, the Rynyx. It is a subterranean creature, due to it being subterranean it has compl.


This creature has a number of vibrating strings on its back that are attached to large limbs. These limbs can move, stretching or easing the strings resulting in higher or lower vibration frequencies.