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Voltron Legendary Defender: Keith and Red Lion

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The Black Lion, Voltron

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Red lion and Keith

ironnheart: ““Me and Blue are best buds for life, for real” ”

Lance and his realistic sparkling Blue Lion from Voltron Legendary Defender

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I got the chills sheith, keith, shiro, voltron, voltronlegendarydefender


"There's no place like home" by dreamteden -- Shiro

Keith the Guardian Spirit of Fire from Voltron Legendary Defender

Keith from Voltron Legendary Defender series. This series has everything I could ever dream! (I'm a sci-fi and mecha gir. Guardian Spirit of Fire

Rest In Pieces http://chzb.gr/1xnByvY

The dead anime mother trend

Commissioned Art completed by (Check out her stuff! She’s amazing!) for the story The Derelicts by Kuromori and Sometimesafangirl

That would be me one time I was weeding and I found a daddy long legs and i smashed it repeatedly with a hedge trimmer

I can relate to this on a deeply emotional level

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Pidge and realistic Green Lion from Voltron Legendary Defender

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/(=ÒㅅÓ=)\ — Voltron postcards for fanexpo

This fandom need to stop

This fandom need to stop--> .if this is this's true I'm seriously considering going to Japan and asking them why?>>> zarkon is a dude wth

Sums up Voltron

Sums up their relationship

“Gladiolus: strength of character, honor, conviction #voltron”

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TBH I am really REALLY hoping for a scene where Shiro gets his arm ripped off or something and we see either like a stumpr or just the remnants of machinery stuck to his arm in like a final boss-fight or something

Someone write a fanfic. With at least a little smut. Thank you.

Someone write a fanfic. With at least a little smut. Thank you.