...Blue Delphiniums

I'd plant a ton of Delphiniums, all purple and blue and then I'd run through them, possibly topless. Need to get a privacy fence asap.

Delphinium - Pacific Giants Astolat - 50 Seeds

Delphinium - Pacific Giants Astolat - 50 Seeds

'Mystic Merlin' grows readily in full sun to light shade and nearly any type of soil, and is easy to start from seed. Mystic Merlin is a Hollyhock Mallow with purple, mauve, and blue flowers. You will love its easy-grow, no-care habit, and its blossoms will fill your garden and vases with brilliant color.

Mystic Merlin Hollyhock Mallow Seeds

Mystic Merlin Hollyhock produces blooms in shades of violet, mauve and blue, and it easily grows from flower seeds. Hollyhock seed should not be covered but pressed into the soil.

Iris and foxglove! Just gorgeous!

[Wonderful combination of plants. I think I'm looking at foxglove, tall bearded iris, and purple violas. Looks like maybe lamb's ear in the bottom left corner--excellent color foil.] What a great looking garden

Art drought resistant plants- so pretty plants-for-my-garden

Shades of purple! Trachelium caeruleum, the violet-blue cloud spilling over the rocks in the foreground of this photo, is a prime example. It is backed by a complementary drift of Mexican bush sage (Salvia leucantha). To the left is a lavender-gray pillow

California friendly landscape inspiration: Geranium maderense (pink) Plectranthus zuluensis (ground) & Echium webbii. All attract beneficial bees and butterflies, and all are drought tolerant!

Driveway Vignette by anniesannuals, Geranium maderense, Echium webbii, Plectranthus zuluensis. All drought-tolerant Mediterranean plants.