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check out this amazing colour combo - Preening MANDARIN DUCK (Male) Aix galericulata Art in Nature Winner ©Russ Burden, Highlands Ranch, Colorado, USA


The Mandarin Duck (Aix galericulata), is a medium-sized, East Asian perching duck, closely related to the North American Wood Duck.

Mandarin Duck, one of the most colorful works of nature...

most beautiful and colorful ducks / earth-song: DPP by *andy-j-s

.wow eerily beautiful

Lesser Scaup Ducks The Lesser scaup(Aythya affinis) is a small North American diving duck that migrates south as far as Central America in winter. It is colloquially known as the little bluebill or broadbill because of its distinctive blue bill.

Pictures of Birds: Exotic Wildfowl: Mandarin Ducks:

Mandarin Ducks: Original Pictures and Information on Mandarins

Original bird pictures of Mandarin Ducks. Mandarin Ducks are very photogenic and this photo journal showcases some of the best. Includes some interesting information about Mandarin ducks.

hooded merganser | Hooded Merganser: Cosmo Couture

Hooded Merganser preferred habitat for breeding is swamps & wooded ponds of the northern half of the United States to southern Canada. They prefer to nest in tree cavities near water but will use Wood Duck nesting boxes if available & unoccupied.

~Albino Mandarin duck~

The only mutation, thus far, is the White Mandarin. White Mandarin males are white. They have the same markings as the Mandarin, and wherever there is a dark colour on the Mandarin, the White Mandarin haves a light chestnut/tan colour. The beak is a bri