The Heian Era, and modern adaptations, are a big source of inspiration to me. Something about full pants and long jackets---Hana

“Painted Skin : The Resurrection” - Huà Pí which the story is estimated to be set during the early Chinese Han Dynasty BC – 220 AD). Longs sleeves were as common on the hanfu than they were on the kimono.

Jūnihitoe, antique kimono, the so called twelve-layer robe from the Heian era, Japan.

Junihitoe is a kind of formal kimono developed in Heian era. I fall in love with it since the first time i see it from manga(for example Genji Monogatar. Hime in Junihitoe

modern variation of traditional Japanese wedding. Japan. kimono fashion show

Japanese pop singer Ayaka Hirahara shows off a modern shiromuku (a primarily white uchikake, or wedding kimono) by Japanese bridal designer Yumi Katsura


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Geisha girl- she would make an awesome tattoo! y'all should research geishas and see what they stand for!

Kimono Facts for Kids |

Kimonos are traditional Japanese style clothes. "Kimono" meant "something you wear" originally. Long ago, people in Japan wore kimonos every day. Now, people only wear a kimono for special occasions such as formal ceremonies.

Kyudo or Japanese archery.

These women are in kimono and hakama (the wide pants) doing archery. Notice the huge open gap in the sides: you can’t wear hakama without a kimono!

Antient Pricess.

Kyoto-- Juni hitoe-- 12 layers kimono Loved living in Japan maybe we'll go back someday!

蘇利古 - [Garaku] Garaku are ancinet, ceremonial music and dances of the Imperial Court of Japan. The dances are known as Gagaku and the music as Kangen, which uses an orchestra composed of percussion, wind and stringed instruments.

石原さとみ Beautiful Japanese Girl

In Kimonos dressed young women from Japan; located: Japan, Far - East Turan . japonya ' da bulunan: Japonya, far-east turan


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